What other services do we provide?

Project requests:

We provide technical support to all psychology students and staff. This form is to request technician assistance on a project which exceeds the scope of a drop-in session, in other words something which requires more than an hour of time from a particular technician. For example; programming experiments, building custom equipment, requesting support for a new piece of software or requesting continued support throughout a dissertation/thesis project would all warrant a project request. If a project changes after it has been agreed, you will need to submit an a new form for any additional workload.

Lab access requests:

This form is for requesting access to a specialised Psychology research lab within the Sarah Swift building. Only complete this form if you need specific research equipment that is available within the space. You must have had all relevant training.

If you are able to work in a non-specialist lab, the fourth-floor of Sarah Swift hosts 9 purpose-built research cubicles that are bookable by students without additional access permissions (SSB4207-4216).

If you need to book the testing cubicles for longer than 3 hours please submit the Lab Cubicles Extension Request form:

SONA researcher account request